These topics are what is typical. What is always individual - set of the topics, and their purpose.

Setup studies: target introduction

Setup studies is the first step. When there are more questions than answers. All other studies result in something particular – “how we should do this better?”. This kind of studies answers – “what can be done? What is the most important?”

Usually, it is focus-groups or in-depth interviews:

  • Flexible – we focus and dig in what is found important, clarify questions, get understood
  • Involving client – client see reactions, may add discussion topics
  • Quick – major outcomes become visible during the groups
  • Comprehensiveness – a single study can’t dig in all possible details, but it catches everything really important, whatever it is

Outcomes from such study vary a lot, despite first questions are very similar:

Brand strategy options, review of the existing strategies, priorities, etc. Its typical, that totally unexpected solutions become obvious.

And often it results in new questions, as particular actions become clear. This focus is the most important: starting with ‘too many’ questions, we end up with just few.

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