These topics are what is typical. What is always individual - set of the topics, and their purpose.

From target potential to sales forecasting. What are diagnostics and treatment rates, what share of recommendations reach pharmacies, not switched and comply the regimen, which of the above can be influenced? On which diseases and targets should we focus promotion? What to expect from the new molecule? Will the state increase funding of our indications? Can we measure the market, which sales are not audited?

From target selection to marketing mix optimization. Who is the key decision-maker what is the others’ influence? When should we start developing GPs? Do we need pharmacists, and what DTC channels would bring more patients? What messages work better with handouts? What channels do competitors use, and how effectively? What is the optimal visits’ frequency?

From positioning development to key messages and visuals testing. How to shift from 2nd line to ‘1st  choice’? Does current perception align with the brand strategy? Which messages will be clear for the target, which cause objections? Do emotions affect choice, which will from an advantage? Is corporate brand image important? Which package design to chose?

From price positioning to price elasticity. What price will improve profits? How revenue will change after price drop? How our prices impact our brands’ perception? What do we need to know to make the right price on our new product?

From perceptions to competitive activities. In what therapy lines do we play? Does brand perception, market needs and our strategy align at the moment? What causes switches on, and what switches off? What brand perception will allow to remain the ‘1st choice’? Did perception evolve since the last promotion cycle? What are competitors doing, are there treats, what are the opportunities?


From rep-checks to promotion targeting. What sales reps and teams are the most successful and why? Do key messages reach the target? What is our brand dynamics on particular reps’ territories? Who brings more growth – new or existing clients? What are the competitors’ strengths, and what are ours?

Which of the questions from the other sections we really need to know?  Which strategies to consider? Should we review the business plan parameters? Are promotion channels obvious enough? Does positioning align with the market? Is price important? What are the treatment practices? What is the promotion impact? What to choose on the new market? What opportunities remain on the known one?