Multiple sclerosis Rx monitor


The project

  • Participants: 76 DMT prescribers
  • Geography: 55 regions of Russia
  • Most of the data collected during: June-July 2018
  • Survey content: doctor opinions + treatment histories

Particular findings

  • 86% of DMT patients have their treatments unchanged for at least 12 months
  • Half of DMT patients haven’t had aggravations during last 12 months
  • Doctors estimate share of 2nd line patients as 13%
  • 70% of 2nd line initiations in last 12 months was natalizumab
  • 70% of MS prescribers consider clardirbine familiar enough to start Rx (if it was available)

This wave subscription includes:

  • Standard report
  • Anonymous database of treatment histories’ for in-house analysis
  • 607 DMT patients, including 301 treated with 2nd line
  • Customized analyses and reporting – to be discussed

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